Rival Cannons

Rival Cannons 1.4

Rival Cannons is an exhilarating golf game to battle out for the theme park
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Rival Cannons is an exhilarating golf game set up for only the craziest of mascots of the theme park industry to
battle it out for the ownership of a theme park on the moon. With its weird antics, and pulverizing new style of a not so
ordinary game of golf, it has attracted only four participants.

Kiku – A female nurse from the Hospital Park whom never backs down from a challenge with her Syringe Cannon.

Barnacle – A sea bred pirate from the Pirate Park whose bones are just as black as his cannon balls flying out of his
Skull Cannon.

Zark – A cyborg of the Park from the Future on the Moon, the one and only returning champion who has come back to the past
to defend his park’s rightful place on the moon claiming domination with a Plasma Cannon.

Whiskey – A cowboy From the Old West Park that puts meaning to the phrase, “Bigger is always better.” With his huge Revolver
In this game of golf, you use their character specialized cannons and weighted cannon balls instead of regular
wimpy golf clubs and tiny balls. Depending upon the amount of powder that is put into the cannon, determines how far the
weighted balls will fly, but be wary, for the more powder you put in the less accuracy you’ll have in your shot.

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